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Solomon's Porch


A Foursquare Church


10:00 am Worship Jam

11:00 am The Word


6:30 pm More of The Word

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Welcome to Solomon's Porch Foursquare Church, where our dedicated team strives to provide an engaging and inspiring spiritual experience for you and your family. We are committed to creating a safe, warm, and inviting atmosphere in our church where people of all backgrounds are welcomed, celebrated, and embraced.

Jimi and Rickine Kestin

We have chosen not to debate people into the kingdom!


Moving from Las Vegas to St. George not knowing a soul, my wife  Rickine,  and I started Solomon’s Porch  in our living room. We believe the best way we can shine Jesus to this community is by living a Spirit-filled life in front of all people and loving them unconditionally,  where they are at.  As they see Jesus through us,  the opportunities come up to have them seek to know about our faith.


We are about building the kingdom, not the church,  so we are not concerned where somebody spends their Sunday morning,  we are more concerned about where they spend their eternity.


If this is not the church for you...we will help you find it!

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