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We are convinced that a healthy church must be a FAMILY in order to impact a community and meet the needs of those God brings us. It is through the relationship we build as family that we learn to love as God loves us.

We believe that everything we do or teach as a church must be in perfect alignment and harmony with GOD’S WORD, THE BIBLE. This is the only sure source of truth we can rely on. The reliability of God’s Word, the Bible, is foundational to our lifestyle and our decision making process.

Our relationship with each other and the church is based on LOYALTY AND SERVICE. By improving our servant mentality and being willing to stand with our brothers and sisters we also improve our relationship with God who honors those who seek to be a blessing to others rather than self serving as the world is.

WORSHIP is a lifestyle. All that we do can be a form of worship when we bring a Kingdom approach to our life. Worship is not just about the songs we sing or the sermon’s we learn from, it is an approach to life that seeks to bring glory and honor to the King of kings in all our affairs.


God's Word

Loyalty and Service



The foundation of God’s economy is found in GIVING. The quantity of our blessings, provision and comfort are found in the quality of our generosity. Developing a giving spirit is not based on the amount of time or money we give but the heart attitude we bring to our giving. It is this heart attitude that God looks for in those He blesses.

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